Chicago P.D. sneak peek: Lindsay declares her love for Halstead

Two Chicago P.D. characters are finally taking their relationship to the next level. Halstead and Lindsay have finally considered moving in together. But, according to next week's sneak peek, it seems as though one of them might need a bit more time to think it over.

Halstead, played by Jesse Lee Soffer, asked Lindsay, played by Sophia Bush, to move in with him during the season premiere. But, sadly, Lindsay seems to be taking her time deciding on whether or not she wants to take this next step.

chicago pd
(Photo: Twitter / @EW)

According to executive producer Matt Olmstead, Lindsay feels as though she is finally even with Voight, which gives her more time and energy to devote to Halstead.

"She's able now to shift time, energy, loyalty, and concern from Voight to Halstead," he said.

Hopefully, Lindsay won't need too much more time to make her decision. According to the sneak peek, there is even a chance that she'll decide to finally say the 'L' word. Either way, there are definitely some changes coming for this pair.

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