Amber Heard Donates Domestic Violence Settlement Money To ACLU

Actress Amber Heard has donated $350,000 of her supposed $7 million divorce settlement from Johnny Depp to the ACLU, confirming her intentions with the cash.

The two separated earlier this year as the result of a series of domestic abuse allegations against Johnny Depp. Heard claimed that she would take the purported $7 million from the settlement and donate the money evenly between the ACLU and the Children's Hospital. Once she made these claims publicly, Depp said he would instead donate the money to both charities directly, rather than first paying Heard.

Recent reports claimed that neither organization received money from Heard nor Depp, calling their motives into question. However, the ACLU contacted TMZ to let them know that they did, in fact, receive $350,000 from Heard back in August, when she had assumed the settlement was going through.

The former couple is still squabbling over the settlement, but hopefully when everything is resolved, the two charities get the money they were promised.