Here's What We Think Will Be on Sale on Amazon Prime Day 2022

If you can't wait 'til Amazon Prime Day 2022, you're not alone: It's traditionally Amazon's biggest shopping event of the year – and it got that way because of one thing: Deals! There's a lot we don't know yet about this year's Amazon Prime Day, including when it'll be exactly, and what'll be on sale precisely. 

Lucky for us, the shopping experts at our sister site Essentials are on a mission to get us prepared for Amazon Prime Day. They've even put together a scouting report on the things that Amazon traditionally discounts for Prime Day – like, the Echo Dot and Apple Watch. Read on for the scoop – and see which items are on sale today!  

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Prime Day runs over two days during the summer, and typically features can't-miss deals on tech, appliances, DNA tests and more for Amazon Prime members. 

The dates for Amazon Prime Day 2022 remain a secret. Traditionally the sale takes place mid-to-late July. The pandemic altered the 2020 Prime Day sale dates to October 13-14. But returned to late spring/summer last year.

So what exactly will be on sale this year? If the past years are any indication, the products below should be reduced for Amazon Prime Day. If you're impatient to wait until Prime Day, some are even on sale already.

Amazon Echo Dot Alexa Device

Echo Dot gen 4
(Photo: Amazon)

Expect sales on Amazon-branded products on Prime Day, such as the Alexa-based Echo Dot smart speaker. It was the No. 1 Prime Day seller in 2020, per Amazon. Sold separately, or as part of an Echo Dot Bundle with smart bulbs or Ring Doorbells, Amazon promotes their own branded decives whenever there's a sale. 

Echo Dot, $50

50 at Amazon

Apple Watches

(Photo: Apple via Walmart)

Discounts on the Apple Watch -- and other Apple products such as AirPods Pro and MacBooks -- have been common during past Prime Days as well. For example, the Apple Watch 3, an older-but-still-useful version, was marked down to $169 for Prime Day 2021.

The Apple Watch Series 7 is already on sale at Amazon now.

Apple Watch Series 7 GPS, $348 (reduced from $399)

348 at Amazon

Amazon Fire TVs

(Photo: Amazon)

If you have your eye on a 65-inch Amazon Fire TV with 4K resolution, then be sure to check in on Prime Day for deals. Can't wait? No problem: Amazon currently has the $600 TV on sale for $500.

65" Amazon Fire TV, $500 (reduced from $600)

500 at Amazon

Ring Video Doorbells

Ring Video Doorbell
(Photo: Amazon)

Ring video doorbells, such as this entry-level model, have gone on sale on Prime Day. This Ring video doorbell uses your existing doorbell wiring for power. It doesn't have all the advanced features of high-end models, but you do get the basics: 1080p live video, two-way talk, real-time notifications, night vision and Alexa compatibility. It won't work with your existing doorbell chime, but it will work with the Ring Chime, a $30 add-on chime box sold by Amazon.

Ring Video Doorbell Wired, $60

60 at Amazon

Apple AirPods

(Photo: Apple via Best Buy)

Traditionally Apple AirPods are on discount on Prime Day. The Apple AirPods Pro offer active noise cancellation technology, water resistance and hearing health tracking. They're also lauded for their great sound quality. Best of all, the Apple AirPods Pro are already on sale.

Apple AirPods Pro, $197 (reduced from $249)

197 at Amazon

Crest Whitestrips 

Crest Whitestrips
(Photo: Crest via Amazon)

Keep an eye out for deals on Crest Whitestrips on Prime Day. This kit from Crest includes 20 treatments, promising to deliver noticeable results in three days and full results in 20 days (when used daily for 30 minutes a day). You don't need to take the package's word that it works, though -- Amazon reviewers rave about this 4.6-star-rated whitening treatment.

Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips teeth whitening kit, $46 (reduced from $48)

46 at Amazon

Electric toothbrushes

Philips One Electronic Toothbrush
(Photo: Philips via Amazon)

Amazon Prime Day 2022 will likely be a great time to buy a new electric toothbrush, when some popular models may be as much as half off. An Amazon customer who purchased the Philips One by Sonicare called the rechargeable toothbrush a "nice, affordable alternative to some of the more expensive electric toothbrushes out there." 

"It is lightweight, and super easy to use," they said. "It has a built-in timer, which helped make me more conscious of brushing my teeth for the recommended length of time. I feel that it works effectively at cleaning my teeth. The charge on the battery lasts for quite a while, as well. I don't have to charge it super often, but when I do, it's very easy to do via the USB cable."

It's available in two colors.

Philips One by Sonicare rechargeable toothbrush (rechargable), $40

40 at Amazon

The Philips One electric toothbrush also comes in a less-expensive, AAA-battery-powered version. It's available in five colors, so family members can easily tell whose brush is whose when they're sitting by the bathroom sink.

Philips One by Sonicare rechargeable toothbrush (AAA battery), $25

25 at Amazon

Instant Pots

(Photo: Instant Pot via Amazon)

Instant Pots are a popular Prime Day find. The Instant Pot Pro can be used for pressure cooking, slow cooking, rice cooking, sous vide cooking, sautéing, sterilizing, yogurt making, warming and steaming. The Pro does the Duo Plus one better, and adds a 10th function: cake baking.

There are 28 program settings for essential meals, and five programmable settings for your own favorite recipes. This model has an upgraded gentle steam release switch with a diffusing cover, to reduce noise and prevent splashing on your countertop. 

Instant Pot Pro 10-in-1 (6 quart), $127

127 at Amazon

Roku Devices

Roku via Amazon
(Photo: Roku Express 4K)

Check for Roku devices on sale on Prime Day, such as the Roku Express 4K+. Enjoy 4K picture quality and voice control via a Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant that lets you search across channels, turn on captions and more with the affordable Express 4K+ streaming box. It features dual-band wireless for a smooth streaming experience, and a premium HDMI cable is included to connect the Roku to the TV. The Roku Express 4K+ does not require a smart TV to work, but it does require a TV with an HDMI input. While some Roku devices support older TVs with an A/V input, this one does not.

"I can finally have the apps I want and not worry about storage running out on my TV," reviewer Lotte says. "It's very easy to set up and use. The remote is very simple and easy to learn."

Roku Express 4K+, $38 (reduced from $40)

38 at Amazon

DNA tests

23AndMe DNA Test
(Photo: 23andme via Amazono)

More than just an at-home ancestry test, the 23andMe Health + Ancestry DNA kit and service, which has frequently gone on sale during past Prime Day events, provides more than 10 health predisposition reports telling you if you're at risk for Type 2 diabetes, late-onset Alzheimer's disease and Celiac disease. The service also tells you if you're a carrier for 40 genetic diseases such as cystic fibrosis and sickle cell anemia.

23andMe Health + Ancestry home DNA test, $199

199 at Amazon

LifeStraw personal water filter

LifeStraw personal water filter
(Photo: Lifestraw via Amazono)

The LifeStraw personal water filter is another Prime Day favorite. It lets you safely drink from just about any freshwater source -- even a scummy pond or muddy puddle. It protects against 99.999999% of bacteria, 99.999% of parasites, 99.999% of microplastics, as well as sand, dirt and cloudiness. It's a must-pack for any camper or hiker.

20 at Amazon

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