7 Foods Keeping You from Losing the Weight

You’re doing everything right. You’re keeping calories down. You’re getting your sleep. You’re putting in time at the gym. You’re keeping stress low and motivation high. But, the scale won’t budge. So what gives?What if the foods you’re eating (yes, even the “healthy” options) are actually keeping weight on your body. It’s called food intolerance and it happens when certain foods cause a negative reaction in your body.

Nutritionist and Fitness Expert J.J. Virgin offers up 7 foods that can cause food intolerance, and therefore weight gain, in her bestselling book “The Virgin Diet.” Dropping these 7 foods for 7 days can bring on a weight loss of up to 7 pounds… and make your body feel so much better!


1. Gluten: Cutting out wheat, barley and rye bring with it the benefit of cutting out a protein called zonulin. Keeping this protein at bay can keep inflammation from building up in your small intestines. For some simple steps toward cutting out gluten, replace your wheat wraps with lettuce wraps and use zucchini spirals instead of traditional pasta!


2. Soy: Soy is genetically modified, treated with pesticides, highly processed and hiding in a lot more than just tofu and edamame! Keep your soy intake in check by changing out your soy milk with almond milk and try replacing your tofu with tempeh. Your thyroid and gut will thank you!


3. Eggs: Intolerance to eggs is surprisingly common, and these little guys are filled with inflammation-producing arachidonic acid. Don’t panic, eggs aren’t all bad, and you don’t even need to cut them out completely! J.J. suggests bringing organic eggs back into the mix on a limited basis after 3 weeks!


4. Dairy: The lactose is the killer in this food, bringing on insulin resistance and blood sugar imbalances. Try adding in almond milk or coconut milk to get your milk fix! Any concerns about calcium intake can be calmed with the addition of nuts, seeds, and leafy greens!

Peanut Butter

5. Peanuts: This one is an easy fix! Just replace your peanuts with a healthier nut option! Peanuts are prone to a fungus called aflatoxin and mold. By simply switching to almonds and almond butter, you can quickly clean up this nut!


6. Corn: Corn brings on inflammation, not to mention most of this stuff is genetically modified. Try shifting your corn side dish to quinoa, or replacing your popcorn with a corn-free snack!

sugar substitutes

7. Sugar/Artificial Sweeteners: Sugar isn’t the most shocking addition to this list, but the artificial sweeteners have to go too! The insulin response triggered by sweeteners can bring on weight gain that goes beyond sugar users! To get your sweet fix, bring in natural options like Stevia or erythritol.

So, try it and see how you feel! What do you have to lose (besides the weight!)? Knock out the big 7 for the next 3 weeks, and then tell us how you feel! In the meantime, to stay motivated, check out J.J.’s book, “The Virgin Diet” for more on food intolerance! Enter below to win a copy of J.J.'s book along with other fab prizes that are part of our Skinny Mom Love List!


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