6 Exercises To Do In The Pool

Pools are for more than just lounging! You can get an excellent total body workout from merely swimming laps. But, like running, those can get a little boring. Mix it up by adding some strength training to your aquatic workout. A few of these moves require equipment: pool noodles, beach balls and resistance bands. Check out these exercises to switch up your routine this summer!poolexercises_645

K-Tread: This helps works your arms, back, chest, abs, butt and hamstrings! This workout is much easier when you remember to squeeze your glutes and quads to keep your legs straight. (via Fitness Magazine)

Otter Roll: This move works out your back, abs, butt and legs! This does require a beach ball so make sure you’ve gotten one handy! (via Fitness Magazine)

Spiderman: Wow your kids with your superpowers! Pick a side or wall of the pool and start in a standing position facing it. Walk in so that you are about one or two feet away. While wading water with your arms, to keep you afloat, try walking your feet up the wall. This move is a nice challenge to your core and back muscles. (via Life Script)

Pool Plank: Switch up your boring old planks for this water blast. You will need a pool noodle for this exercise. Grip the noodle with your hands shoulder width apart. Begin to lean forward, keep your feet touching the bottom of the pool. Bring the noodle underneath the water below your chest. This also raises your endurance so you can do the exercise longer while providing even more of a challenge to your core. (via Life Script)

Hydro Belly Blaster: This move targets your legs, shoulders, upper back and abs for a super intense workout. This does require a band to do the workout, so make sure there’s one handy! It's also a mini circuit. (via Prevention)


Chest Fly: This is a basic chest fly using a resistance band...underwater! This move targets your chest, shoulders and abs. (via Prevention)

The next time your family is up for a little pool time, make the most of it with these exercises!