20 Best Tasting Beers Under 160 Calories

As an adult, it's perfectly acceptable for you to enjoy a beer after a long day, or even a short one for that matter. As long as you know the signs of binge drinking, there is no harm in having a cold one. However, you may be concerned about ingesting too many calories, but lucky for you, we've found 20 beers that won't ruin your healthy diet!

Michelob Ultra, 95 calories:
This beer was reader's choice, based on your Facebook comments! It's a low cal beer, great for a hot day, and it won't ruin your diet!

Omission Lager, 140 calories:
A Gluten-Free, light AND tasty beer? This is definitely Skinny Mom approved! It's got a great flavor that even beer-snobs won't turn their nose up to. Pair it with one of these delicious gluten-free meals, and you're good to go.

Sam Adams Light. 119 calories:
The deep and rich flavor of this light beer may leave you surprised it's actually categorized as light!

Founder's All Day IPA, 141 calories:
This is a beer you've been waiting for. Very refreshing for this hot summer, and great after a long day.

Fat tire Amber Ale, 160 calories:
This dark belgian beer is light on the stomach. It's got a sweet malt taste that goes great with a refreshing summer salad!

Bud Light, 110 calories:
This is a classic American beer that most everyone enjoys. Just over 100 calories, it's an awesome beer to stock up on. Pair with one of these skinny grill recipes for the perfect night in.

Bud Light Lime, 116 calories:
Only 6 more calories than Bud Light, this lime beer is very refreshing, but does have an extra 1.4g of carbs per serving.

Bud Select, 99 calories:
While you can buy Bud Select 55 (only 55 calories) that beer is just as low in flavor as it is in calories. We prefer the 99 calories version, because the calorie difference is small and the taste difference is extreme.

Guinness, 125 calories:
This Irish beer is creamy and a favorite for most serious beer drinkers. It's great if you want to keep low cal, but don't want to miss out on quality. Keep the Irish tradition flowing with these Irish corned beef with kale mashed potatoes.

Levitation Ale, 145 calories:
Made by the Stone Brewing Company, this is great tasting light beer that still has a nice hop to it.

Miller Draft Genuine 64 (MDG), 64 calories:
This is a great beer choice to keep it light. Miller fans everywhere will approve, and while the summer lasts, you can also pick up MDG 64 Lemonade.

Miller Lite, 96 calories: The original 'diet beer' that changed the american beer market forever is a total classic. It's won several awards and won over even the pickiest beer drinkers.

Sierra Nevada Summerfest Beer, 156 calories:
A great light lager AND it's great for summer! It's very light and refreshing so you can enjoy it on the hottest days, but watch out, it's carb count is a little high. To help cancel some of the guilt, pair with one of these low carb dinner recipes.

Coors Light, 104 calories:
Coming in over just 100 calories, this beer is a great choice. But let's be honest, we really like the can that turns the mountains blue when it's cold!

Brooklyn Dry Irish Stout, 117 calories:
As a darker and heavier beer, it's surprisingly low in calories. It also has a chocolate expresso after taste, making it a great after dinner drink.

Corona Light, 99 calories:
This is the perfect summer beer, especially served ice cold. It's great for any fiesta you want to throw, and pairs perfectly with any of these 50 amazing mexican recipes.

Hoegaarden, 147 calories:
This belgian beer has a hint of orange peel and coriander flavor to it, and is great if you're looking to find something new.

Yuengling Light Lager, 99 calories:
A beer that can hold it's own, Yuengling light has the traditional lager flavor without the added beer guilt.

Kona Brewing Company Island Longboard Lager, 144.6 calories:
Smooth and refreshing, this beer will make you feel like you are sitting on the beaches of Hawaii!


Krombacher Pils, 130 calories:
This is one of the most popular premium-beers in Germany! It may not be one that you can find in the grocery store, but a beer provider will most likely stock this.

So if you thought that watching your weight meant no more beer, you've just seen 20 reasons to drink on… responsibly of course!