13 Ways to Amp Up Your Morning Protein

You've read the countless articles yelling at you to eat breakfast. You know all the statistics and you've heard all the research about what skipping the most important meal of the day does to your bod. Your body is a temple, and all that other good stuff.

So even though you're already running 15 minutes late for work, on your way out the door you make sure to stop and grab a muffin because YOU LOVE YOURSELF. Right?

Before your head gets any bigger, we need to have a little chat, girl.

Just as important as actually eating breakfast in the mornings is what you're eating in the AM. According to Live Strong, incorporating enough protein into your first meal of the day is imperative for keeping you fuller longer, revving your metabolism and helping you make healthy choices throughout the rest of your day.

So that wimpy muffin you're scarfing in the car? Not worthy of breakfast bragging rights (sorry).


If you're looking for quick and easy ideas to amp up your protein points, here are some super simple ways to add it to your morning meal.