13 Most Popular Pasta Dishes Made Skinny

Pasta ranks at the top of guilty pleasure cravings and this is no surprise. It’s filling, hearty, and usually combines a saucy compilation of our favorite flavors in one dish. The downside: after indulging, the lurking pasta hangover can be no fun. Pasta can leave you feeling heavy and defeated when it comes to healthy eating goals. Well, get ready to get over the guilt and get out your fork with these popular pasta dish makeovers made skinny and sure to please everyone at your table.

1. Skinny Mac and Alfredo: Alfredo can be hands-off when you're watching your waist line, but pick the fork back up with this skinnified creamy pasta Alfredo recipe. You'll be thanking us for this one.


2. Slow Cooker Beef Stroganoff: Not only can you have skinny stroganoff, you can make it in a slow cooker. Hello, simple, skinny and sensational!

healthy beef stroganoff

3. Skinny Lobster Mac ‘N’ Cheese: This is a dish that you would find in a delicious restaurant, but normally it would crash your daily caloric goals in one meal. Not this skinny version, with less than 400 calories a serving.


4. World’s Best Skinny Lasagna: A family favorite that is still hearty in flavor and healthy with ingredients like turkey sausage, whole wheat noodles, and lean ground sirloin, making this is a must on your menu.

Worlds Best Skinny Lasagna

5. Baked Chicken Parmesan: A staple on Italian restaurant menus can also become a guilt-free staple on your family meal plan with this skinny makeover that bakes the chicken, rather than a more fattening fried version.

baked chicken parmesan skinnytaste

6. Supreme Pasta Pizza Casserole: The name screams indulgent but the nutritional value of this skinny recipe screams skinny! This pasta makeover makes pizza night less of a splurge on nutrition and more reason for a family pizza party.


7. Skinny Chili Mac Casserole: A chili pasta casserole that doesn’t destroy the diet? You read it right. Tons of flavor and a guaranteed full belly, all weighing in at only 308 calories a serving.


8. One-Pan Buffalo Chicken Pasta: If your family can't get enough buffalo chicken, they'll love this buffalo chicken pasta dish! Even better, you'll only dirty one pot while cooking this simple dish, so cleanup will be a breeze. AND it's low calorie and low fat?


9. Skinny Pasta Carbonara: Carbs and bacon? We're in! You'll really enjoy this creamy, decadent pasta made skinny—coming in at 233 calories for a generous serving—you'll feel no guilt.


10. Skinny Chicken Veggie Casserole: An easy way to whip up a family dinner that includes plenty of veggies, hearty chicken, and filling pasta all in a one-dish meal.


11. Low-fat Macaroni Salad: A perfect complement to summer meals and spring time celebrations. Before you pick up that pre-made deli mac salad, whip up this skinny version loaded with yumminess.


12. Skinny Linguine with Clam Sauce: This pasta tastes just as decadent as it sounds and this dish will impress based on its delicious savor and its low fat and calorie count.


13. Skinny 3-Cheese Penne: It’s hard to imagine three cheeses and skinny in the same recipe, but it’s been done. And done well, at that. This cheesy, flavor-filled pasta dish is hands-down a meal that will be requested many times over.


Eating skinny doesn't always mean sacrificing great taste and flavor, and these pasta dishes prove just that!