Unusual Names for Your Baby Boy

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Looking for unique boy names? We know that naming your little one is a big deal, and you may be feeling the pressure. You don't want him to be one of five Johns at preschool. No, he needs something a little more inspired, a little more one-of-a-kind.

Boy Names Inspired by Movie Stars

What better place to look for naming inspiration than the leading men of the silver screen? These men are handsome, successful and charismatic, which are definitely not bad attributes to wish upon your new little man.

Cruise, Rhett, Dean, Ben, Samuel, Oliver, Will, Clarke, Harrison, Reed, Christian, Clint, Dustin, Ashton, River, Morgan, Phoenix, James, Harrison, Jack, Jackson, Smith, Ford, Oscar, Chris, Channing, Matt, Colin, Tatum, Mark, Reeves, Hudson, Jake, Shia, Brad, Seth, Cooper, Reynolds, Liam

Unusual Boy Names

These boy names aren't for your regular Tom, Dick or Harry, but who wants to be just anyone?

Hendrix, Jagger, Cliff, Blade, Zed, Steele, Grey, Keegan, Bentley, Diesel, Sailor, Storm, Camden, Rowan, Axel, Corbin, Lucian, Asher, Leon, Jasper, Rhys, Ryne, Madden, Griff, Wesley, Park, Spencer, Bay, Calix, Fielder, Stellan, Zade

Romantic and from Literature


Your little guy might not be able to spell or say his own name until he is graduating elementary school, but that may just be the price you pay for one of these distinctive monikers.

Beau (French), Adonis (Greek), Cullen (Gaelic), Daryl (Darling), Keefe (Irish), Heathcliff, Romeo, Atticus, Holden, Japhy, Gatsby, Odysseus, Brom, Cato, Chance, Corin, Darcy, Fitz, Faulkner, Macon, Milo, Phineas, Sawyer, Tristan, Wolf, Oliver, Leonides, Ward, Walden, Wilder