Can Yoga Help You Get Pregnant?

Yoga is known for its ability to relax and calm you with breathing techniques and strategic poses. The way the body responds to yoga is more than by an increase of flexibility. Recent research puts the focus on this concept, dependent on the theory that yoga promotes blood flow to specific areas depending on the pose. It also stimulates the release of calming chemicals. Using yoga to increase circulation in the pelvis and reproductive organs could possibly be the trigger for improved function and hormone cooperation, resulting in pregnancy.

yoga meditation

Stress is big component of infertility, but the link is not exactly mapped out. Fertility is a very personal thing, based on the uniqueness of your physiology as well as your partner’s. A study at the University of California San Diego issued surveys to women about their stress levels. Women who scored the highest (most stressed) produced 20 percent fewer eggs.

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Incorporating yoga and the qualities of yoga, like breathing and self-calming exercises, can benefit all aspects of your health. If you’re truly focused on your fertility, though, try taking a gentle approach to yoga. This means you don’t have to go all-out and attend a hot yoga class, attempt the crazy poses or practice for hours. Click here to better understand the purpose of yoga for your body.

A study out of St. Peter’s Medical Center in New Jersey focused on couples who were trying to conceive and had them follow “stress reduction” practices (yoga, meditation). Fifty percent of the couples conceived within the year. Alice Domar, PhD, developed a mind-body approach to infertility. Her research and practice landed telling results of increased pregnancy rates; for women who struggled with infertility for more than three years were able to conceive within six months following Domar’s relaxation program.


So what exactly does “fertility yoga” look like? There are poses meant to be held for several breaths so you can melt into it. The reclining bound angle pose, bridge pose on blocks and corpse pose (savasana) are excellent choices for this. Try a few by yourself and then show have your man join you (it takes two!).

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