This Guy Eats 4,000 Calories per Sitting and Is Somehow Insanely Fit

Would you think that a mac and cheese pizza could support your weight loss goals? What about eight pounds of bacon ranch Bagel Bites? Never in a million years, right? One man is here to tell you that it's possible to eat over 4,000 calories per meal — and still have killer abs.

Instagram user @blake_201, who also goes by Blake, says that for the past three-and-a-half years he's been practicing intermittent fasting — which he defines as "consuming all of your daily nutrients in a shorter time frame than normal."

Intermittent fasting has its pros and its cons, and there's no doubt that it's controversial. After all, instead of eating three healthy meals per day (or five smaller meals), you're eating all your body's necessary food intake in one short amount of time.

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For Blake, that means he eats one meal a day — often ringing in at more than 4,000 calories. Some examples of his meals: chicken bacon ranch mac and cheese fries with garlic bread subs (~4,000 cals); cheese fries hot dog pizza (~4,000 cals); broccoli cheddar bacon turkey dogs with Checkers' fries (~3,600 cals).

While not all of Blake's food is pure junk food like the above options, you might think he needs to eat healthier for his health. To that, he says he's perfectly healthy. "I get regular blood work done and I'm in perfect health," he told Thrillist.

The 35-year-old sales professional says he discovered "flexible dieting" when he lost 60 pounds at age 30.

"After turning 30 years old, I lost 60 pounds," he says, describing a steadier diet of counting calories and macronutrients. "About halfway through that weight-loss journey, I was miserable. I was eating small meals spread out throughout the day, many of them out of Tupperware. Miserable."

That's why the epic meals were so satisfying — because he didn't have to eliminate any foods, but he was also still seeing weight loss results.

Today, instead of counting calories, he keeps track of major nutrients. "I average about 190 grams protein, only 50-70 [grams of] fat and my meals are typically low cholesterol. Some of my meals are high in sugar, yet intermittent fasting lowers insulin resistance," he said.

While we're not sure that we'd try Blake's extreme version of intermittent fasting, we could probably get behind a cleaner version of it.

But Blake doesn't care if you think his eating plan is whack: "When people get upset about my nutrition, it's always a reflection of them not being happy with their own," he told Thrillist. "So it's their problem, not mine."

Photo Credit: Facebook / Thrillist


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