Chick-fil-A Finally Announced a Gluten-Free Sandwich, But There's a Small Catch

Good news, Chick-fil-A lovers!

The fast food chain announced on Monday that it's introducing a new gluten-free bun, Delish reports.

The new bun is made with quinoa and amaranth, flavored with molasses and raisins, and dusted with cornmeal.

It was tried out in three cities last year across the United States and will now be rolled out to all stores.

"The texture of the bun is not too heavy and most similar to a muffin — soft and springy, not crumbly or dry. It tastes good eaten right out of the package and does not require toasting," said Leslie Nesage, Chick-fil-A's senior consultant of menu development.

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The bun would most likely be ordered with grilled chicken, as the fried chicken contains bread crumbs.

There is a big difference with the new offering however. Everything comes pre-packaged, so there's some assembling required, as Chick-fil-A kitchens aren't gluten-free, so the company wants to ensure your food doesn't become contaminated.

Each part of the new sandwich is certified to be gluten free, but will cost you an extra $1.15 on top of your normal sandwich.

Photo Credit: Twitter / @jonathanmaze


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