Exclusive: Sofia Vergara and Karl Urban Work on Trust in Exclusive Clip From 'Bent'

Karl Urban and Sofia Vergara confront their trust issue in an exclusive clip from the noir thriller Bent.

Written and directed by Bobby Moresco (Crash, Million Dollar Baby), the film casts Urban as Danny Gallagher, a former police detective who spent three years in prison after being framed as a “bent” cop. Vergara plays Rebecca, a federal agent who crosses paths with Gallagher while he’s investigating the frame job that sent him to prison.

They don’t exactly make a great first impression on each other. You can watch Rebecca try to convince Danny that they should trust one another in the clip above.

In real life, the Modern Family star made a great impression on Urban, who believes fans will be surprised since Rebecca is so different from Vergara's role on the ABC sitcom.

“I had such a fantastic time working with Sofia,” he told PopCulture.com in an exclusive interview. “She's absolutely amazing and completely professional. I think that her work in this movie is going to blow people away. Like you said, she is most commonly known for Modern Family, but what she manages to do in this film is take a classic femme fatale and really infuse the character with this incredible vulnerability. She was just so awesome to work with. I think she's just an absolute treasure.”

As for his character, Urban said he and Moresco were dedicated to channeling an old-school Hollywood noir feel.

“When Bobby and I were discussing Bent and sort of a collective vision for it, we both really gelled on our mutual love for classic noir and particularly a lot of the Robert Mitchum films, the RKO films,” Urban said. “You know, that golden era of Hollywood, and I think it was important for us that tonally somehow we can capture the essence of that, and in a sort of very subtle way contemporize it.


“Really, our approach to that was to try and keep it as realistic as possible. There's nothing, no sort of action or fight sequences that are laboriously extensive. If you look back at films like Michael Caine in Get Carter, and it's like, you know, you hit a guy once, he goes down. So, we were kind of playing with that quite a bit.”

Bent opens in theaters and on demand on March 9.