Cops Surprise 12-Year-Old Boy With Brand New Bike After His Was Stolen

A 12-year-old in Connecticut is thanking police officers for their kindness after they surprised him with a new set of wheels after his bike was stolen.

Inside Edition reports that Naz Harding, 12, thanked officers at the East Hartford Police Department for buying him a new bike, saying, "[I was] surprised and happy, because I could ride my bike with my friends [again]."

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After the sixth grader, who is a member of the police department's youth program told Officer Tyrell Jenkins, Officer Kevin Smalls and Officer Christopher White that his bike had been stolen, the three stepped in to help.

"[The kids] do a lot for the community so we wanted to do something for them," White said. "We felt the need to make it right."

While they had initially contemplated asking other organizations to help pitch in for the bicycle, they ended up purchasing the gift for Naz with their own money.

Surprising the boy at his home with a brand new set of wheels, Naz's mother, Cathy Harding said it was nice of them to stop during their busy day to give back to her son.

"Just to give him back a bike, just as simple as riding with his friends means so much to these kids," she said.


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