$15,000 Zootopia Lego Sculpture Destroyed By Child

Zootopia Zhao
(Photo: Weibo)

Stories like this are why stores and museums always tell you not to touch anything.

Artist and creator Zhao assembled a giant Lego version of Nick, the loveable fox from Disney's Zootopia (via Mashable). He created the piece for the LEGO Expo in Ningbo, China, which took three nights to put together. That, and it cost more than 100,000 yuan, which equals about $15,170 in USD.

(Photo: Weibo)

Those facts, unfortunately, did not deter a young Chinese boy, who in a matter of seconds pushed over the Lego statue where it crashed to the ground and erupted in a volcanic spread of hard work and Lego bits all over the exhibition floor. While the parents were very apologetic for the child's actions, it still didn't feel good for Zhao, as the exhibit had only been open for about an hour before Nick met his unfortunate fate.

(Photo: Weibo)

Zhao was offered compensation for the Lego statue, but declined, as he knew the incident was an accident, and that the child didn't mean to do it. Still, he admitted to being heartbroken about seeing his hard work resorted to a bunch of Lego bricks on the floor.


That said, at least no one was hurt. If Zhao ever wants to recreate Nick and possibly even Judy Hopps in Lego form at a later date, just make sure to build some sort of moat around them. You could even add a small gate, and even some canons to make the point even clearer. It might be overkill, but better safe than sorry.