Watch Gavin DeGraw Face Plant After Singing National Anthem at Nashville Predators Game

The ending of Gavin DeGraw's performance of the National Anthem before the Nashville Predators took on the Dallas Stars in the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs Sunday was an unfortunate predictor of the final score. Before the team lost at Bridgestone Arena, DeGraw slammed his face into the ice.

After belting out the "Star Spangled Banner," DeGraw decided to walk backwards on the carpet. He lost track of where he was going, unexpectedly putting one foot on the ice and slipping. His foot went backwards, with DeGraw taking a cartoonish fall. His face met the ice in a way it was not supposed to.

The "Chariot" singer was a good sport though. He posted a link to a story about his fall on his Facebook page, adding, "Someone said 'Break a leg.' I listened."

DeGraw's fans praised the 42-year-old "Follow Through" singer for being able to make fun of his mishap.

"Oh no! So sorry! Hope you are ok! I listened to the anthem and it was one of the best I've heard!" one fan wrote on his Facebook page.

"Oh no! Great you can laugh it off! Amazing talent so shake it off!" another wrote.

"I love that you can laugh about it. Shows what a great sense of humor you have and how you don't take yourself so serious!!!" another fan added.

Country singer Stephen Cochran also came to DeGraw's defense, recalling a time when he sang the National Anthem and tried to be extra careful about not slipping because of a prior injury.

"Ok, story about 8 years ago I got to sing the National Anthem at the Nashville Predators game...well a lot don't know that after I was injured I had to learn to walk again and I never really got feeling back in my right toes even till today I still don't...well [I'm] about to walk out onto the carpet which they have laid out for you to walk on, one of the crew members say, 'Hey this carpet is still on ice, so don't be the first guy to fall this year, ok!'" Cochran wrote on Facebook. "Now he didn't have a clue that I can't feel my toes...but now I'm really concerned and scared I'm going to fall flat on my face on TV and in front of that many people I walked with the most over pronounced high step out and then back I think anyone had ever seen....looked like a Tennessee walking horse... Anyway I feel Gavin DeGraw's pain."

Unfortunately, the Predators tripped up during the game as well. They lost to the Stars 5-3, and are now on the brink of elimination. They have to win on Monday in Dallas to force the series to a seventh game, which would be played in Nashville on Wednesday.


DeGraw is best known for his pop hits "Chariot" and "Follow Though," and released his latest album, Something Worth Saving, in 2016. He and his brother own the Nashville Underground restaurant on Broadway. He will perform at the CMA Fest on June 7.

Photo credit: John Russell/NHLI via Getty Images