Tyler Hubbard's Wife, Hayley, Calls out 'Grumpy' Passenger on Airplane

Tyler Hubbard's wife, Hayley Hubbard, and their adorable 1-year-old daughter recently took a flight and experienced one disgruntled passenger, who Hayley appropriately called out on social media.

(Photo: Instagram/hayley_hubbard)

Although Hayley only showed the back of his head, she did have a few choice words for the passenger.

"Grumpy pants in front of us asked us to 'control our toddler's noise level' because she was happily talking and giggling on an afternoon flight," Hayley shared in an Instagram Story. "I just can't ... I feel sorry for them."

Hayley didn't reveal in her Instagram Story where they were traveling to, but a few pictures, also shared on Instagram, of the beautiful little girl sitting on a beach, gave away that the mother and daughter had traveled to the west coast.

(Photo: Instagram/hayley–hubbard)

"California looks good on you Liv!" Hayley captioned the photos, using a sun emoji.

Olivia will soon graduate from only child to big sister status, when the Florida Georgia Line frontman and his wife, welcome their second child, who they recently found out while on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, will be a boy.

"It's gonna be a fun journey, to get to see Olivia be a big sister, and all the joy that comes along with that whole process," Hubbard told CMT. "It's pretty awesome, it really is."

Hubbard and Hayley's lives both drastically changed when he became a father, and will likely change even more with the birth of his son.

"We've turned into old people," Hubbard confessed to Entertainment Tonight. "We go to bed really early. Pretty much as soon as she's out, we're asleep as well, and then we're up at seven every single morning. She's so happy in the morning, so that's some of our favorite time."

Hayley just starred in the video for Florida Georgia Line's current single, "Talk You Out of It," as did Brian Kelley's wife, Brittney.

"'Talk You Out of It' is probably our sexiest song we've put out," Kelley acknowledged. "Definitely the song was inspired by our wives and something we just felt we wanted to put out. Colder weather came, let's put out a hot song. I think that song is just, sonically, it's different for us."


FGL will be on the road, on their Can't Say I Ain't Country Tour when Hayley is due to give birth to Olivia's little brother. The couple will likely hit the red carpet at the upcoming ACM Awards, since the guys are nominated for four trophies, including for Duo of the Year, and three nods for "Meant to Be," their record-breaking collaboration with Bebe Rexha. They will also perform during the live three-hour broadcast.

Photo Credit: Getty images/Leon Bennett