Tyler Hubbard Reveals Wife Hayley Unsuccessfully Tried Bacon to Wake Him up After Son Luca's Birth

Apparently having a baby is exhausting, even for the father. Florida Georgia Line frontman Tyler Hubbbard, who just welcomed son Luca into the world, revealed on social media his wife, Hayley Hubbard's, hilarious – but unsuccessful – attempt to awaken her husband, using bacon.

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"Having a baby is just exhausting," Hubbard posted on Instagram, along with a video of Hayley putting bacon under Hubbard's nose. "Hayley had been trying to wake me up for 20 minutes to help her out and if at 10 a.m. a piece of bacon won’t do it then nothing will. This was the third and final attempt. Haha."

Apparently the singer eventually woke up, since a second photo showed Hubbard yawning by Hayley's bed, as Hayley held Luca.

The Hubbards welcomed son Luca early in the morning on Monday, Aug. 19, shortly after Hubbard returned from FGL's Can't Say I Ain't Country Tour.

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"Words can’t describe the overwhelming emotions that I experienced last night as we witnessed the miracle of life," Hubbard shared on Instagram, announcing Luca's arrival.. "I couldn’t be more proud of my amazing wife @hayley_hubbard through this whole journey. She’s an absolute angel and meant to be a mother.

"I thank God for answering our prayers and bringing Luca into the world peacefully and smoothly," he added. "I didn’t think life could get any better but it just did."

Hubbard also praised Hayley for the way she handled the delivery of Luca, staying calm throughout her entire labor and delivery.

“Hayley was absolutely amazing throughout the whole labor," Hubbard boasted to PEOPLE. "She was so patient, positive, and strong. She honestly made it look easy,” Hubbard said. “I feel so blessed to get to raise a family with such an incredible woman and amazing mother. She was meant for this and it’s so special to see.”

Thankfully, Hubbard made it home just in time to watch Luca's entrance into the world.


“Our doula Lori said Tyler and I are too connected for Luca to not wait. The moment Tyler flew in from his last show of the weekend, the contractions started!” Hayley recalled. “Tyler was so helpful in the birthing process from start to finish, and I’m so glad he made it home in time.”

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