Trisha Yearwood on Releasing 'Every Girl' Album: 'The Biggest Message Is I'm Still Here'

Trisha Yearwood's long-awaited 12th studio album, Every Girl, is out! The record, which includes collaborations with Garth Brooks, Don Henley, Patty Loveless and Kelly Clarkson, marks Yearwood's first release of original songs in a dozen years – a lapse of time that Yearwood vows will never happen again.

"The biggest message really is I'm still here. Nothing is really different," Yearwood told Billboard. "I've always chosen songs that really mean something to me and I've always put my heart and soul into making an album. Even though I'm in a high-profile marriage to a really famous guy and I have a cooking show and do all these other things, I hope people will hear this album and say, 'Okay this is what she does.'

"This is what I can't imagine not doing," she continued. "The people who have listened to my music all along will hopefully hear this record and go, 'Okay this makes sense to us. This feels like the next chapter.'"

The debut single from Every Girl is "Every Girl in This Town." The song became an early radio hit – a fact that surprised Yearwood most of all.

"In a way it kind of freaked me out to make a record that there was nothing tapping on [my] shoulder saying, 'You should think about a radio song.' There was such freedom that it allowed me to make a record that I'm really, really happy with," said the singer. "So when 'Every Girl In This Town' was chosen to go to radio – which my team had to convince me to even go to radio – I was blown away. And then someone told me that first week was my highest debuting single and I'm like, 'No! That can't be right! Really?'

"So I just really enjoyed it and it made it sweeter because I didn't feel that pressure," she added. "It's been such a really nice pat on the back for something I'm really happy with."

Of the 12 years between records, Yearwood insists the time wasn't intentional, but rather a by-product of her busy life, including her three-year tour with Brooks and her award-winning cooking show, Trisha's Southern Kitchen.

"I didn't really intend for that much time to pass, but I was busy," she says. "I did put out a greatest hits record in 2014, and it had a couple new things, but I looked up and it had been a lot of time [between original albums]. I had so much fun making this record that I'm definitely not going to wait that much time again."


Purchase Every Girl at her official website.

Photo Credit: Getty images/John Shearer