Trisha Yearwood Admits to Being Starstruck After Meeting Bradley Cooper

Trisha Yearwood might be one-half of country music's most famous couples, but even she gets [...]

Trisha Yearwood might be one-half of country music's most famous couples, but even she gets starstruck sometimes! The wife of Garth Brooks recalls meeting one award-winning actor, who left her almost speechless.

"We played in L.A., and Bradley Cooper stayed for the whole show,"Yearwood told PEOPLE, recalling a show for Brooks' World Tour. "He was in research mode for A Star is Born, and came backstage. Garth was like, 'Wow, all the women on this tour suddenly want to be in the meet and greet!'"

"What was so cool about that was he made you feel immediately comfortable. He was so nice," she continued. "You just were like, 'Wow, it's so cool to meet somebody who's doing so well.' And you are a little starstruck."

Yearwood also got to meet Cooper's co-star, who was equally impressive.

"Lady Gaga came," Yearwood recalled, "and that was very cool."

Yearwood might have been in awe of Cooper, but she's quite happy in her own marriage. The 54-year-old recently admitted that her husband is, perhaps surprisingly, way more romantic than she will likely ever be.

"He's so much more thoughtful than me. He's so much more romantic than me. He's really amazing," Yearwood told PEOPLE. "I was thinking about this actually, because he's just so good. I always feel like I fall short because he's so good. I feel like I just need to say, 'You know what? I'm never going to be that. I love you so much, but I'm never going to be as thoughtful as you, so we're just going to have to deal with that.'"

Yearwood might have just released her Let's Be Frank album, but she hints that fans will have an album of country songs later this year as well, marking her first release since Heaven, Heartache and the Power of Love was released in 2007.

"Everything is recorded, we are just doing that last checklist of things like adding harmonies and things are almost ready to mix." Yearwood told Music Row. "I'm already chomping at the bit to release this country album. It definitely reminded me that as much as I love all the things that I get to do that are entertainment-related – I don't do anything I don't love — but music feeds my soul."

Let's Be Frank, Yearwood's collection of Frank Sinatra songs, is available for purchase on her website.

Photo Credit: Getty images/John Shearer