Tim McGraw Reveals His Quarantine Habit That Annoys Wife Faith Hill

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are currently quarantining together in Tennessee, and if you ask McGraw, [...]

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are currently quarantining together in Tennessee, and if you ask McGraw, there's one thing he does that's gotten under his wife's skin a little bit more now than previously in their relationship. "I spent 30 years in hotel rooms going in and out, so I've never even thought about cleaning up, but she's a neat freak, so she likes everything pretty clean," the singer told Entertainment Tonight last month. "So I always get on her nerves about that."

Aside from that, McGraw shared that his and Hill's relationship hasn't actually changed all that much amid the pandemic. "Faith and I spend 90 percent of our time together. We're sort of homebodies. We don't get out much and we always cook at home. We don't eat out much," he said. "We're always around the house, so we spend a lot of time together anyway. But this has been really good. We enjoy just cuddling up and watching movies, TV series."

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McGraw recently released his new single, "I Called Mama," and told ET that he actually has been calling his mom to get some of her family recipes. "I call my mama to get recipes now, stuff that I remember as a kid," he shared. "I think there's been a lot of nostalgia during this, and that's the same thing with food. We wanted to cook stuff that we grew up with, stuff that we remember from our childhood." One of those recipes was for a hot milk cake, which McGraw and Hill's youngest daughter, 18-year-old Audrey, made for the family.

"For us, during all this stuff that's going on and being at home together and hanging out, there's been a lot of sort of nostalgia that's come along with that — looking back through old photos, and going back and watching movies that we haven't seen in a long time, and cooking things that we grew up eating when we were kids, and telling our kids stories about," McGraw told reporters last month during a virtual media event. "Like, for instance, I called my mom because I wanted to... make a hot milk cake like my grandmother used to make, so she actually talked my youngest daughter through it, and my youngest daughter made my grandmother's hot milk cake and my grandmother's been gone for a while, so."

He added, "You know, there's a lot of terrible things going on and it's been hard for a lot of people and a lot of people have lost loved ones, but hopefully the silver lining in all of this is we've learned how to connect with each other a little bit differently and a little better and maybe that'll extend to a more personal connection to everybody."