Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's Daughters Step out for NYC Museum Outing

Audrey McGraw and Maggie McGraw, the daughters of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, shared a fun photo with their followers on how they're both "plotting" to spend the night at a museum in New York City. Playing off the famous film Night at the Museum, starring Ben Stiller and Robin Williams, the gorgeous girls joked they're trying to find a way to do the same. "Plotting different ways to spend a night at the museum.." McGraw wrote as her Instagram caption.

In the photo, the two sisters are standing next to each other, seemingly viewing a map that gives a description of all the sites to see inside the historical American Museum of Natural History. One person commented, "Gorgeous [heart eyes emoji]," while someone else pointed out the rather large dinosaur in the background, writing, "That's one BIG guy!"

The two are both wearing their masks while decked out in casual gear. While the two made their way around the Big Apple, it wasn't long ago they were spending their days under the sun on an island. Following the holidays, both McGraw, Maggie and their other sisters Gracie McGraw vacationed in the tropics and shared moments of their journey with their followers. The three snapped plenty of candids from their beach and pool excursions — although the trio never revealed exactly where they were, some of their commenters speculated they may have been in the Bahamas.

If they did spend time in the tropical islands just south of Florida, it wouldn't be much of a surprise considering their famous parents own a 20-acre private island there. While they were off enjoying some time in warmer weather, the country music duo stayed at home in Nashville, Tennessee. Tim recently revealed that he was working on some new music with one half of the Florida Georgia line duo, Tyler Hubbard.

While they've been making headlines for traveling around during the new year, they also had fans talking ahead of the holidays as well when their family held a Game of Thrones-themed holiday party. While those costumes won the internet over, so did their looks for their Harry Potter-themed gathering where fans got to see them dress up as characters, as part of their family dinner parties. Needless to say, their fans love keeping up with their every move considering they've shared so many fun memories on socials.