Thomas Rhett Promises Plenty of 'Eye Candy' on His Upcoming Very Hot Summer Tour

Thomas Rhett will kick off his Very Hot Summer Tour in spring, following several already successful – and often sold out – tours. But the 28-year-old promises his upcoming tour will be brand new, with several visual effects to keep fans entertained from start to finish.

"So much of that is production, and letting fans see something that hopefully they have never seen before," Rhett shared with CMT's Cody Alan. "We work with a great team who really helps us to be as progressive as we can be with our production. Our music director helps us rearrange our songs and set lists.

"Eye candy," he continued. "How do you make that show something you can't take your eyes off of? We go into rehearsal in March and rehearse for about a month and get on the road in April."

Rhett's personality off the stage is markedly different than the high energy artist fans see at his shows. The "Sixteen" singer admits he really isn't as energetic as he appears in his shows, but he has found a way to channel that energy before he performs.

"There's times when I am literally laying in the bed at 7:30, and I'll get up at 8 and just start breathing, like, really heavy, make a cocktail, start listening to some music, go maybe run a lap," Rhett revealed. "It's essentially a switch that you flip. I'm a pretty chill dude, but I kind of turn into a different person."

Rhett will be joined by Dustin Lynch, Russell Dickerson and his own father, Rhett Akins, on the road, making it the perfect lineup for him.

"I'm glad we have the winter to plan and come up with some crazy stuff for next year because I can't think of a better way to spend the summer than out on the road with my fans," Rhett said. "And, I get to bring my dad and two of my favorite artists in country music along for the ride."

In addition to his Very Hot Summer Tour, Rhett is also working on new music, even though his latest Life Changes album is not even two years old yet.

"I remember on my second record, we didn't make a new record for like two years or something like that," Rhett said. "But I just think it's the way that a lot of fans are consuming music today. When my album came out that was the first time that we'd ever gone out on the road after an album and got to play album cuts that people knew all the words to. I've been doing nothing but writing my face off since the last album came out. But it is my goal to just keep putting more music out there."

Rhett's Very Hot Summer Tour kicks off on April 24 with a series of Canadian shows, before he performs in the United States. Find dates at


Photo Credit: Getty images/Rick Diamond