Thomas Rhett Credits Most of His Success in Country Music to God

Thomas Rhett is quickly becoming one of the reigning superstars in country music, a fact that surprises no one more than the singer. The 29-year-old admits he has worked hard for all of his success, but says most of the credit belongs to his faith in God.

"It's just weird," Rhett reflected (via his record label). "I think looking back at my 19-year-old self, that never in a million years thought that I wanted to be an artist. I wanted to stay in Nashville and just write songs, to where we're at now is all a God thing to me. Every decision that we made and every tour I said yes to, every tour I said no to, every song I did cut, every song I didn't cut, I think it was all part of some crazy plan.

"I don't know where it's gonna lead, but I'm really just trying to live in 2019, in the present," he continued. "And so, those accolades and stuff, that's just mind blowing to me, and I feel very humbled by it and just feel like this is incredible."

Rhett became very outspoken about his faith at the recent CMT Artists of the Year ceremony, where he took his time on stage to pray for Kane Brown, who is mourning the loss of his drummer, Kenny Dixon. Brown was also on hand to accept the honor, which moved Rhett to pray publicly for his friend.

"I just wanna lift up Kane and his family. I don't know if this is really conventional, but can I just pray really fast? Is that okay with everybody?" Rhett said before beginning his prayer.

McEntire praised Rhett for his bold move, during her acceptance speech for the Artist of a Lifetime trophy.

"Thomas Rhett, God bless you for praying in front [of us]," McEntire said. "You're special. That took guts. But as you said, that might not be aired on this but He knows. It better be aired! It better make the cut. Because that's what we need in our lives, is a little more God. We've got to give this world back to God. We've got to give Him the focus and the attention that He needs."

Rhett's wife, Lauren Akins, presented her husband with his CMT Artist of the Year trophy.

"When Thomas Rhett started out, I remember sharing a bunk with him on the tour bus, and let me tell you, it is a tight squeeze in that bunk," Akins recalled from stage. "But it might not have been that bad, except there were ten other guys on that bus too. Spending 180 nights on the road, he's away a lot, but even when we weren't there with him, he kept his family in his heart, and in his music.

"Now we're walking red carpets together and coming to nights like this," she continued. "I wouldn't change anything, because my husband gets to do something that very few people can: live his dream, follow his passion, and do the thing that I know God created him to do. The song he's going to play for you right now shows that he knows how much sacrifice we've put into this, and I think it resonates with everybody who supports the one that they love."


Photo Credit: Getty / Tim Mosenfelder