Former 'The Voice' Winner Cassadee Pope Releases Honest 'I've Been Good' From Latest 'Stages' Album

Cassadee Pope has just released another song from her latest Stages album, this time the honest "I've Been Good" track. The song, written by Andy Albert, Marc Beeson and Jordan Walker is one Pope didn't write, but still hit close – very close – to home.

"When I started recording Stages, there was one song ('I've Been Good) I was holding back on," Pope said in a statement. "It goes there...I mean, it really goes there."

The song, which says in part, "I've been good at drinking whiskey, hell I practice all the time / I've been good at staying busy, staying up all night, yeah / Lord knows I've been good at doing everything and anything / To keep from getting over you like I know I should / I've been good at looking people in the eye and saying, I've been good," doesn't reflect where Pope is now, but the memories of being in that place, however painful, still linger.

"I wanted everyone to know that I was on the other side of that time in my life. Because I really was," maintained the singer. "Life continued to happen as we were releasing songs from the album and truly amazing things were happening. But, I could still remember the pain I felt going through those rough stages and it felt therapeutic to sing those songs still."

Pope, who won Season 3 of The Voice in 2012, decided to be vulnerable in all of the songs on Stages, as much to prove to herself that she could do it as to share those details with her fans.

"There's some things personality wise that I'm showing that I'm a little afraid of, to hear what people have to think about it," Pope previously told "They're songs that are sort of embarrassing, like just how sad I got there for a minute and how I could not move on from somebody. But I also knew if I don't put those songs on there it's not a good representation of what happened, and it's not a good representation of the obstacles I went through.

"Then you can't see this huge transformation from those feelings to the new, happier, confident bold feelings that I have now," she continued. "So I had to have both on the record."


Download or stream "I've Been Good," and find tour dates, by visiting Pope's website.

Photo Credit: Getty images / Erika Goldring