Sam Hunt to Perform at Indy 500 Firestone Legends Day Concert

Sam Hunt will head to Indianapolis this weekend to perform at the Indy 500 Firestone Legends Day concert on Sunday, May 27, where he says he's excited to not be the main attraction.

"Obviously, I'm not the draw," says Hunt. "The race is the draw, but when you have people together in a good mood for a common cause and you can come in and provide entertainment during the down time, it's like you're already ahead when you start playing. There is something about having people come out to a show and specifically come out to see you, but there's also something about getting a bunch of people together to have a good time and playing some music and that's what we'll be doing at the race.

"I've never been to this style of race and I've never been in this environment before," he continues. "I've gone to some races back around the house at Talladega, which is just down the road from my [old] house, and they're just so festive. The race culture is unique and specific, and I can get in there and mix it up with 'em."

The race falls one day before Memorial Day, a holiday that has personal significance for him.

"My granddad was in World World II," Hunt reveals. "He was on the USS Texas battleship, and he was over at Normandy and over near Japan; he spent a lot of time right in the thick of World War II. He really took pride in what that meant, and it was something I got to see it first hand, as somebody who got to experience that; somebody who had that galvanized American trait.

"It's hard to describe it," adds Hunt. "It was just somebody who's been through that, seen that and really appreciates what that means. I try to channel that into my life, because I haven't fought in any war, but I have a ton of respect for folks who have, folks who've sacrificed, families who've lost lives and just sacrificed years of their own lives and time and effort to maintain those freedoms."

Hunt just released his latest single, "Downtown's Dead," from his upcoming new album. He will spend the summer on the road, serving as the opening act for Luke Bryan's What Makes You Country Tour. Dates can be found at


Download Downtown's Dead" on iTunes.

Photo Credit: Facebook/Sam Hunt