Ryan Hurd on Sharing His Life With Maren Morris on Social Media: 'I Have No Strategy'

Ryan Hurd and his wife, Maren Morris, share plenty of their life, both on and off the road, on social media. While some celebrities calculate what to post – and what not to post – Hurd says he doesn't have time to worry about any of that.

"I have no strategy," Hurd told All Access. "Maren is really great at it. She's just creative and visual. I just try to put stuff up that doesn't sound like it's somebody else, and I try to have fun with it, especially on Twitter. [I] just make everything a joke and try not to respond to people who are negative. I usually look and see how many followers they have because, most of the time, if somebody says something mean about you, it's like a tree falling in the forest and nobody can see it."

Still the couple does have a few boundaries in place, especially when they are together.

"We try not to over share," Hurd acknowledged. "Sometimes we just put our phones down when we're home. I've looked at Maren's stuff before on Instagram and been like, 'I'm not in any of these photos,' and [that's when] you kind of realize when we're together, we're not really focused on sharing. We like to have a little bit of a privacy barrier sometimes, and that's really important. But we do like people to know that we're actually married and that we do like each other."

Hurd's own single, "To a T," is in the Top 40, while a song he wrote, "What If I Never Get Over You," recorded by Lady Antebellum, is in the Top 15, and Hurd is rooting for both of them.

"The Lady Antebellum song feels like its own steamroller at the moment, and I'm really happy to have that song," Hurd said. "But all my energy goes to 'To A T' just because it's my name and it's my voice, and I have to be the one who goes out there and promotes it. I'm obviously pulling for the Lady Antebellum song to be a massive hit, but I'm also really focused on 'To A T,' more so than anything else. Stations are going to play them both, and it's going to be really special.

"I'm really happy that I get to do both things," he continued. "I think about what I do as sort of like wearing a pair of shoes. You have a left foot and right foot, and I wouldn't really feel whole, as a creative person, if I didn't get to write for other people and then still have my own project."


Photo Credit: Getty images/John Shearer