Ryan Hurd Says Life in Quarantine With Maren Morris and Baby Hayes 'Isn't That Different'

Ryan Hurd and wife Maren Morris welcomed their son, Hayes Andrew, on March 23, just as the coronavirus pandemic was drastically affecting life in the United States. Since then, they've been enjoying their time at home with their newborn, which is how they had planned to spend the spring of 2020 even before the virus arrived.

"Life isn't that different from the way that we planned it, to be honest. We were going to be off the road right now," Hurd told PEOPLE. Later this year, Morris is scheduled to hit the road for her RSVP: The Tour, which will feature her husband as an opener, but the pair had already adjusted their touring schedules to coincide with their arrival of baby Hayes. "It's a little harder because we can't really have anybody over to see our baby, but I feel like we're very blessed in that we have avoided a lot of hardships that other artists have had to face, because we haven't had to really cancel many shows," Hurd said. "We're really lucky to just be here learning how to be a family of three and it's been really an amazing time in our lives."

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The "Every Other Memory" singer shared that adjusting to life as a dad has been pretty seamless and that he's essentially the same person as before, just with a child. "The whole first month has sort of been making sure that her relationship with this kid is rock solid and making sure that he's supported," Hurd shared. "I change a lot of diapers, and I keep my hands constantly busy cleaning or making bottles and stuff like that. It's mostly just made me hyper-aware of my responsibility to the two of them. But I don't feel like a different human. I still talk to my friends every day and have all my hobbies and still love my work. There's just another part of the equation now."

"I feel like the same dude: I just have to wake up a lot more! It's been fun. It makes me feel more responsible to Maren, if that makes sense," he continued, adding that his wife, who underwent a C-section, is "recovering still, so we try to make sure she's off her feet as much as I can. She's not very patient, so..."