Restless Road Calls Mentor Kane Brown the 'Most Genuine Person' (Exclusive)

Restless Road has known Kane Brown since they were on The X Factor in 2013, and after reconnecting with the country star a few years later, the trio, made up of Zach Beeken, Garret Nichols, and Colton Pack, counts Brown as one of their closest friends, not to mention their mentor. "Kane is the most genuine person that you're ever going to meet," Beeken recently told "He's so family-oriented and for him to think of us and remember us throughout this whole thing, that when he finally got to the point that he was at and he wanted to give us this opportunity, just speaks volumes to us about who he is."

Brown has collaborated with Restless Road and taken them on tour, and he officially signed the group to his newly-formed record label last year. Along with getting Brown's help to jump-start their own careers, Restless Road has also been able to watch the 27-year-old become one of country music's biggest new stars, which Beeken noted was "really cool." "It's been really awesome to get to know him on a more personal level and to see him in this new role as this label executive/mentor to us," he added.

Brown, in turn, is enjoying being there for his friends as their career is beginning. "We've gotten to do so many incredible things and he's just taken us under his wing," Beeken shared. "He said, 'When you first start off in your career, it's the most exciting time of your life, and it's really cool to get to re-live that with you guys.' As much as we're excited and we love getting to work with him, he reciprocates that back to us all the time, so he really is incredible."

Restless Road will be joining Brown later this year on the country star's Blessed & Free Tour, which begins in October. "This tour, I think, is going to be incredible because it's got probably some of the most iconic venues just in general that you can play, and for it to be the first tour back is going to be absolutely incredible," Pack said. "I feel like there's no better and no cooler moment to be an opener than this year because you're going to be the first thing people see coming back out of this pandemic, so it's going to be a really special year for us."


The tour will visit NBA arenas across the U.S., and Nichols joked that Brown, a noted basketball fan, "definitely is going to try to get a 10-day contract with one of the NBA teams" during the run. "He's been working on his shot," he said. "And I know for me, the NBA is by far my favorite sport. I've always followed it; I've just been super intrigued by the players. I don't even have a team, just love watching it and following it. Now, am I a good basketball player? Hell no, I was a benchwarmer."