RaeLynn Credits Husband Josh for Helping Her Embrace Her Confidence (Exclusive)

RaeLynn and husband Josh Davis married in 2016 and had been together for several years prior, and their partnership is one that affects multiple aspects of RaeLynn's life. Along with providing plenty of musical inspiration (see the 26-year-old's recently released "Still Smokin'" as an excellent example), the secure and supportive relationship that RaeLynn shares with her husband has also helped her boost her confidence.

"I very much started off with, Oh my God, I'm unique. This is me, this is me," the country singer told PopCulture.com of her younger years. "And then I lost it for a second. For a couple of years, I got a little too into what other people thought and just wondering is it going to work with me being me? And then recently this year and last year, I mean, honestly, since I've been married, there's something about the confidence of finding the person that you love and them embracing just every little thing about you that makes you yourself."

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RaeLynn got her start as a contestant on The Voice in 2012, where she joined Team Blake as a 17-year-old from Texas with a big voice and a big flower in her hair.

"I posted a picture of me on The Voice at 17 in January. And I said, if in 2020 I can just always be that fearless, unapologetic, fun, Baytown, sassy 17 year old girl that auditioned for The Voice in 2020 that I've done what I was supposed to in this year," the singer recalled. "So that's one thing I've just keep on reminding myself, am I being fearless? Am I being not worried about what anybody else thinks, but what I feel in my soul is right. And that's really helped me with this year."

She also shared some advice for anyone searching for more confidence in their own lives, encouraging them to trust in their vision.


"That's what my advice is to girls or even anybody who's young and has a huge dream, just don't let anybody take your eye off the prize and realize that if the person to the right of you that has the same dream as you is maybe doing a little better at hitting that goal, it's okay, because everybody's journey is different," she said. "And to trust the process."