Pistol Annies Reveal If They Will Give Up Their Solo Careers

Pistol Annies are only one week away from the Nov. 2 release date of their third studio record, [...]

Pistol Annies are only one week away from the Nov. 2 release date of their third studio record, Interstate Gospel. The trio, made up of Miranda Lambert, Angaleena Presley and Ashley Monroe, waited five years after their sophomore Annie Up album to release Interstate Gospel, in part because they were all so busy with their solo careers.

As Pistol Annies count down the days until Interstate Gospel gets in the hands of their loyal — and patient — fans, the women reveal that, even if the project does as well in sales and at radio as they hope, they have no plans to leave their solo careers behind.

"I think us individually is what drives this band," Lambert acknowledged on the Ty, Kelly and Chuck Show.

"We've got too big of mouths," Presley added. "We've got too much to say."

Still, the women concede that they would gladly put their solo careers on hiatus, at least for a little while, if that's what is necessary.

"But we are willing to spend time on this, if there's a demand for it," Lambert said. "We love to be together and we love this project. We'll go as far as the fans will take us, and then we'll go to the next thing."

In advance of the release of Interstate Gospel, Pistol Annies shared another track, "Masterpiece," from the new set of tunes. The song, written by the three trio members, is an honest look at a relationship in the spotlight, perhaps at least partially referencing Lambert's former marriage to Blake Shelton.

"Who's brave enough to take us down," Lambert sang on the track. "Who's fool enough to lose the crown?" she sings in the chorus. "Maybe another thing they'll all forget about / They'll be standing around laughing / Like nothing ever happened."

With three extremely talented singer-songwriters in one group, it may seem that Pistol Annies formation was part of a record company's innovation. Instead, the group formed because Lambert, Presley and Monroe were all fans of each other before they were friends.

"I would say [the first female artist to change my life is] Ashley because she and I became best friends right off the bat when we realized what each other were about, and we were just kindred spirits," Lambert told CMT. "She's how I met Angaleena. So, this band is so important to me and for female music and perspective."

Pre-order Interstate Gospel at PistolAnnies.com.

Photo Credit: TRUE Public Relations/ Miller Mobley