Nashville Tornado: Danny Trejo Sends Prayers to Tennessee Following Devastating Storm

Actor Danny Trejo has tweeted out his support to the city of Nashville, Tennessee, after a tornado left significant damage in the early hours of Tuesday morning. On Wednesday, Trejo tweeted out a simple 'Pray for Nashville' hashtag, along with a collage of photos showing off the storm's destruction. The death toll is currently at 24, with more than 40 buildings destroyed.

Naturally, some of those who were affected by the storm were grateful for Trejo's condolences.

"Thank you, Machete, my family and I appreciate your prayers," replied one user.

"Thank you," echoed another. "Where I live a little north of me is where it began."

"Crikey. Hope they're OK," added a well-wisher.

Trejo is one of several celebrities who've called attention to the disaster. Since the news started circulating Tuesday morning, Keith Urban, Kid Rock and Duane "Dog" Chapman have all used social media to send their regards to the residents of Music City. Nashville resident Dolly Parton also tweeted out a video where she promises solidarity with her fellow Nashvillians.

"Well I'm here on the job today because as they say, the show must go on," Parton said. "But we had a lot of damage out in our area; I know a lot of Nashville was devastated with the storms. I just wanted all of you to know that we are all with you, and hope your family's OK, and your property's going to be able to get mended pretty soon, get your lives back on. I just wanted you to know you're being thought of, and we love you."

Back in August, Trejo made headlines after he rescued a special needs child from a car accident. The 75-year-old initially tried crawling in through a broken window, though he couldn't get the seatbelt unfastened. With the help of fellow bystander Monica Jackson, the actor crawled into the wreckage on one side, while Jackson crawled in on the other, allowing Trejo to finally undo the buckle and pulling them to safety.


In November of last year, the Sons of Anarchy alum sat down with Popcorn Talk's I Could Never Be to confirm that filmmaker Robert Rodriguez is working on a third installment to the Machete series, which Trejo called "unbelievably crazy."

"I would say that… Robert has his own timetable for doing stuff," Trejo added, addressing the fact that the last sequel, Machete Kills, came out back in 2013.