Morgan Evans Reveals Why He Hasn't Written With Kelsea Ballerini

Morgan Evans might be married to one of the reigning country music stars right now, but don't expect him to write with her. Evans, who tied the knot with Kelsea Ballerini last December, says they have yet to try and write a song together, mostly because his new bride doesn't want to!

"We've never written together, but we do sing together around the house," Evans tells CMT. "She says, 'I'm too nervous, I can't.' But we'll get there eventually."

Both Evans and Ballerini are successful songwriters, with Ballerini writing all 12 songs on her recent Unapologetically album, and Evans writing songs for his upcoming new album, including his recent "Kiss Somebody" single.

It might seem stressful to have both Evans and Ballerini involved in the same career, but Evans says it actually makes them closer than ever.

"There are some days when she'll get great news and I'll get bad news," Evans says. "Or vice versa. But we're in it together. She's just the sweetest. She's so supportive, she gives me honest feedback, and she has an opinion that I value."

Evans gave up a successful career in his native Australia to move to Nashville, to pursue music full-time in Music City instead. Although the 32-year-old admittedly struggled in the beginning, he now can't imagine living anywhere else.

"When you first move there, Nashville can be a lonely, lonely place. When you're looking from the outside in," he concedes. "But once you find your people, it's the best place to be."


Evans and Ballerini will have to continue their relationship long-distance for the next few months. While Ballerini headlines her own Unapologetically Tour, Evans will also spend a lot of time on the road in 2018, including serving as the opening act on Chris Young's Losing Sleep World Tour. Dates are available on Morgan's website.

Photo Credit: Instagram/Morgan Evans