Miranda Lambert to Release 'Wildcard' Film on Apple Music

Miranda Lambert fans have more reasons to be excited besides her upcoming new Wildcard album. The singer will also release a Wildcard film, showing how Lambert made the album, along with commentary by some of the writers on Wildcard, including Natalie Hemby, Ashley Monroe, the Love Junkies and more.

"At some point when you make a bunch of records, you get to a place where you're like, 'What can I do that's going to push me?' " Lambert reflected in the video. "Country is what I do. It's who I am. It literally just seeps out of my pores. But I love rock and roll."

Lambert has already said Wildcard is her most honest record so far, but she's never felt more sure of her musical decisions.

"I just had confidence in the process," Lambert said in the video. "I had confidence in the band. I had confidence in the songs. I felt like it was going to work."

In Wildcard, Lambert shared a lot of her life – both the good and the bad – over the last few years.

"I think that I do that kind of subconsciously," Lambert told Entertainment Weekly, speaking about being so transparent. "Because really it's my truth, I'm just saying it a different way. Everything I've ever lived through is in my music. [35 years old] had some bumps. Every year has some bumps. The way that I say it is how I feel about it, and how I actually treat it. I don't live in the moment that's not good [for me]. Somehow, I just move forward."

Lambert's debut single from the record, "It All Comes Out in the Wash," is just one of several songs that serve as a reminder to not linger in the past too long, especially if the past was painful.

There's a common theme in this record and it's like 'When something gets bad, you can get out of it and move forward and be better,'" Lambert reflected. "Feeling it in the moment is okay too, just taking it in and saying 'I'm gonna learn from this, next.' I've done that. At 35 so far, I've lived a lot of life and I've written it all down."


The Wildcard film will be available on Apple on Nov. 4 at iTunes. Wildcard, which will be released on Nov. 1, is the most pre-added country album by a female artist on Apple Music of all time. Order the album, and find a list of all of Lambert's tour dates, at MirandaLambert.com.

Photo Credit: Getty / John Shearer