Miranda Lambert's MuttNation Launches Campaign to Spotlight Dogs That Are Harder to Get Adopted

Miranda Lambert loves all animals, and she wants to make sure that every dog in need finds its forever home. To reach that goal, the singer's MuttNation Foundation has launched its Love Harder campaign, which spotlights dogs that are "easy to love, but harder to get adopted," like pitbull mixes, large black dogs, senior dogs and dogs with special needs.

"The truth is these dogs are the easiest to love, maybe because they need us the most," Lambert said in a statement. "But with so many misperceptions, people sometimes shy away from adopting them. I want to people to see the strong bonds and the special love that can be shared with these harder to get adopted dogs. So, I’m asking anyone who has adopted or is fostering a senior dog, a dog with disabilities, a pit mix or a wonderful big black dog, to send us their pictures and stories and help pave the way for others who may be considering giving one of these great pets a second chance and a forever home."

The campaign launched with a video of Lambert visiting with Emmylou Harris and Harris' senior dog with special needs, Jeter. "It takes a special person to seek out special needs and senior dogs," Lambert said in the clip. "I guess I just want people to have an answer on what they bring to you." "They bring so much into your life somehow," Harris replied. "And maybe it's because I'm an old dog myself that I appreciate old age and that maybe we need a little more comfort and care." Lambert, who has her own senior dogs, shared that "it's a different kind of bond."

"They just have stories in their eyes and they slow down," she continued. "And when they slow down, they make you slow down and I think it teaches me through having to be more patient."

More "video visits" will follow each month and a radio and television PSA campaign will launch later this year. MuttNation is asking fans to share their stories about why they adopted their "easy to love, harder to get adopted dog" and what makes them so special. Fans can upload their story and a photo at https://muttnation.com/loveharder for a chance to win a one-of-a-kind Epiphone guitar signed by Lambert.