Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood Appearing at 2020 Country Radio Seminar

Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood will both appear at next year's Country Radio Seminar (CRS)! The two female superstars will speak at separate events, as part of the three-day music industry event, held Feb. 19 to 21, 2020, in Nashville, Tennessee.

Lambert will kick off the event with "A Conversation With Miranda Lambert," held on opening day, while Underwood will speak on the final day, for the annual "CRS Artist Interview." Other artists who have previously spoken during CRS include Jason Aldean, Garth Brooks, Dierks Bentley and Toby Keith.

The artist interviews during CRS tend to cover a wide variety of topics, but will likely touch on the need for more female artists at radio, since both Lambert and Underwood are passionate about promoting and supporting other female artists. Helping other women is why Lambert decided to make her upcoming Roadside Bars & Pink Guitars Tour an all-female line-up.

"I'm actually exhausted from all the conversation," Lambert told Pollstar. "I'm sick of it, and I figured, 'Why don't we just go do something?' Put the music on the road, give it to the people – and hopefully, they hear what they need in these songs."

Lambert vows to do all she can to give female artists a platform for their music to be shared.

"It's just being heard," she said. "That's all it takes. Because if people really hear it, they know; they remember and respond. We'd love to have that radio play, because it helps a ton. And if you get on board with the new artists, especially for the young girls listening, you give that (music) to a lot of passionate women looking for their own lives (on the radio)."

Underwood also wants to champion women, which is why she also made her Cry Pretty Tour 360 all females as well.

"We have to lift each other up because no one is going to do it for us," Underwood told Music Row. "We have to do it ourselves. We're all just out there trying to work together, work hard and show our fans and the industry what we can do."

Underwood is perplexed why radio favors male artists so much, but vows to do all she can to change that scenario.

"You try to figure out what the issue is and when you get back, 'The song's not testing well,' or 'She's not testing well,' I feel like everybody's just over it," Underwood acknowledged. "It's frustrating because I see Maddie & Tae, Runaway June and so many other people who have got the goods, they have incredible songs, they are genuinely talented, and nice people who work their tails off. It's frustrating to see them work for so long, to make minimal gains.

"We have to put our money where our mouth is," she added, "and take women on the road with us and lift each other up."


More information on CRS, including ticket prices and event details, can be found by visiting CountryRadioSeminar.com.

Photo Credit: Frederick Breedon IV/WireImage