Michael Ray and Carly Pearce Share Sweet Honeymoon Photos From Jamaica

Now that Michael Ray and Carly Pearce are back from their belated honeymoon, the couple is sharing a few photos of their romantic getaway to Jamaica. The two jetted off to the Caribbean island two months after saying "I do," when their schedules finally allowed them to take a break.

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"This year was one of the best years of my life," Ray posted on social media. "Being able to end it in paradise celebrating getting married to my best friend was a dream. Not wanting to leave this bungalow!"

Ray and Pearce both shared a video of some of the highlights of their honeymoon, including eating, drinking and riding horses through the water.

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"Clearly we had no fun on our honeymoon this past week...." Pearce captioned the video.

Ray surprised Pearce by booking their honeymoon as her birthday present, splurging on a bungalow over the water, which was a dream come true for Pearce.

"For my birthday, Michael went ahead and booked it, so I was very excited about my birthday present," Pearce told PopCulture.com. "It's definitely, definitely, definitely beach. Beach, beach, beach."

The bungalow likely lived up to, or surpassed, the "I Hope You're Happy Now" singer, based on how happy she looks in the photos.

"All I've ever wanted to do is go in one of those bungalows," Pearce previously told PopCulture.com and other media. "They just look amazing to me and they're, like, private and awesome and sexy, and we finally get to go after we finish for December and I'll get to experience it. So check back with me, I'll let you know about it."

Ray and Pearce have only been married a couple months, but Ray is happier than he has ever been now that Pearce is officially his wife.

"It's been awesome," Ray told PopCulture.com. "Not much has really changed. We were already living together. I joked and said, 'The one thing that's really changed is her last name.' There is a deeper connection and a deeper love that you do automatically have afterwards. Everybody told me that but it's one of those things that you don't understand unless you feel it. And I definitely felt it. You just naturally go to this next level, which is pretty cool."


Photo Credit: Getty / Robby Klein