Maren Morris Believes She Will Be a Stricter Parent Than Husband Ryan Hurd

With only a little bit of time until Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd welcome their first child into the world, Morris is opening up about the type of parent she thinks she will be, as well as her husband. The singer predicts she will be the stricter parent, and Hurd will be more laid back, although she acknowledges she won't know for sure until the baby arrives.

"I think that I am probably gonna be the rule-setter, and Ryan's gonna be the fun one that they go to, to hang out," Morris told ABC Audio. "I don't know. I think I'm a little bit of both."

So far, the only parenting responsibility both Morris and Hurd have had is with their two dogs, Pancake and June, which may or may not be a good indicator of what kind of parents they will become.

"We have two dogs, so I feel like that's our chemistry now," Morris said with a laugh. "So maybe that will transfer to a kid, a human kid. I have no idea."

Of course, neither Morris nor Hurd will know what kind of parent they will really be until they have their son, something Morris is all too aware of.

"The thing about being a new parent is you have no context of how you will be with your own," Morris conceded. "It's different from like holding a friend's baby or being around friends' kids, because it's not your 'copy.' So I don't know. I'll tell you in a year."

Morris just perfectly clapped back at those who criticized her for showing off baring pregnancy photos, including a recent one of her sporting a crop top.

"People will comment on my photos 'we get it, you're pregnant,'" Morris tweeted. "I wanna be like, 'sorry, bozo but I'm not currently touring and I don't have any f—ing hair vitamins or tummy tea to sell you. The only thing currently going on for me is my pregnancy!'"

Following that post, Morris also shared a photo of herself in a revealing dress, sharing that she was on a "babymoon" in advance of the arrival of their firstborn.

Morris has just one show — March 7 at the Houston Rodeo — left on her schedule before her son is due. Find tour dates on her website.


Photo Credit: Getty / Taylor Hill