Luke Combs Attacks Drum Set During Concert, Confuses Non-Fans

Luke Combs caused some fans to worry over his onstage antics. The country star recently wrapped up his The Middle Off Somewhere tour at the Paycom Center in Oklahoma City. However, Combs acted in an uncharacteristic manner that left some fans perplexed. In a TikTok video of the moment, Combs can be seen introducing his band during the show. When it's time for the drummer to take the spotlight, Combs suddenly walks up to him with a drumstick in hand and uses it to hit the cymbals aggressively while the drummer is playing. Seemingly pumped up, the singer then starts pushing on the drums before grabbing one and throwing it on the ground, after which Combs simply walks downstage. Viewers of the video were taken aback by the country artist's sudden change in disposition and wondered if he acted out of anger. In the end, some said it was nothing more than show business.

"Just so everyone knows: Their show is meant to have that happen, a TikTok user commented. "They purchase drums for the shows to have Luke do this. The drums don't belong to Jake, Luke's drummer lol." Another person echoed those sentiments, writing, "It was a little obvious when the drummer was laughing lol anyone else damages a musician's instrument and they wouldn't be laughing lol." There were more than a few skeptics in the bunch, with some swearing they saw signs that Combs' "sudden" outburst wasn't planned. "The drummer took a second look," a user replied. "Didn't seem like he was having fun. Not sure why this is necessary. Seems immature but that's normal with rich people." Another commenter who claimed to have been at the show said, "I was there ... not part of the act he had flipped someone off right before this ... then bass players and guitar players went to help fix drums."


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On Reddit, a poster provided "evidence" against it being a planned incident. "This is from Louisville in October. He does the cymbal crashing but thats it...So maybe this particlar night something was actually going on. Production wise with the show or personal." Others considered the actions unnecessary, regardless of whether they were planned. "Part of the show or not, there's no reason to do this. I mean what song of his even gives this energy? His music gives sweet tea drinking energy. I like some of his songs but this is unnecessary and so try hard," the user wrote. Regardless of the true nature of his behavior, the CMA Entertainer of The Year had a successful tour, and he took to Instagram to share highlights from the tour and thank his fans.  "That's a wrap on The Middle of Somewhere Tour! Thanks to everyone who joined us. The fellas and I have the best time getting to play live music for y'all," Combs wrote in the Dec. 13 post. "Also appreciate @jordandavisofficial, @laineywilson, and @morganwademusic for being on the road with us. Already looking forward to 2023 for the World Tour, among other things…," he teased. The 'Tomorrow Me' singer is set to embark on his worldwide tour from late March 2023 until October 2023.