Luke Bryan's Wife Caroline Opens up About Family Tragedies

Luke Bryan's wife, Caroline, is opening up about some of the family tragedies they have had to deal with over the years. The couple might seem to be living the good life, with Bryan's superstar career, but they have also dealt with plenty of heartache as well.

"Luke's brother died in 1996," Caroline said, via CMT. "Then 13 years ago, his sister passed away unexpectedly. She was healthy, beautiful, and the best mom to ever walk this earth. Then their daddy Lee had a massive heart attack in front of me and Til. That was the other worst day of our life. So Til moved in with us immediately. The girls [Til's older sisters Jordan and Kris] are back and forth constantly; they're still in college. And then we lost our niece Brett when she was seven months."

Caroline also has to deal with raising her sons and nephew by herself, with her husband gone both performing shows and on American Idol. Through it all, she has learned plenty of valuable lessons, including that she doesn't have to always have it all together.

"Trust me, there are times when I just lose my s—," Caroline said. "Sometimes I just go sit in the shower and cry. I struggle with Luke being gone all the time and how to make everybody happy and how to make this charity [the Brett Boyer Foundation] go well. It's hard to be alone a lot. Our family thing is, you can take two paths in life: one of being bitter and angry, or one of I'm gonna find the happiness in this and make the best of something that's horrible."

Not that Caroline has any trouble handling three boys on her own. The 39-year-old recalled one time when some unexpected guests showed up at their house, and she politely laid down the law.

"Til is 17, he's 6'4″, he's so cute, and he's sweet," the proud aunt boasted. "The house is usually more full of boys than it is girls, thank God. One time some girls showed up at the door at 9:45 at night, and I was in my robe. I was like, 'No thank you, not gonna happen, thanks, bye.' Actually I let Til and his buddy come downstairs and tell them. He's a gentleman."

Bryan will kick off his Sunset Repeat Tour on May 31 in Philadelphia, after he wraps up his run as a judge on Idol. Find dates at Luke's official website..


Photo Credit: Getty images/Rick Diamond/ACM2015