Lauren Alaina Calls Coronavirus a Nightmare While Vowing to Stay Away From People

For someone as outgoing as Lauren Alaina, the recommendation of "social distancing" due to coronavirus is especially hard. Alaina opened up about the challenges on social media, admitting she would much rather be performing as the opening act on Blake Shelton's Friends and Heroes Tour instead of being stuck at home.

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"I just came a-CROSS these photos from the [Blake Shelton Friends and Heroes Tour]," Alaina posted on Instagram. "This whole quarantine thing is a nightmare for an extrovert like me. I live for moments like the pictures above in a big room with a lot of people doing what I love, but I understand the importance of this quarantine. We have to think of others in this time. I'm not in the age range where getting the coronavirus is super dangerous or life threatening, but me being on tour, doing meet and greets and interacting with other people could threaten the life of someone who is at risk if I came in contact with it and spread it.

"We all have to be considerate of everyone in this time," she continued. "If you're wondering what I'm up to, I'm in my house in Nashville with my dad (going a little crazy) but feeling like I'm doing the right thing. I hope you are too. I can't wait to get back out on the road when it is safe for everyone. Sending all my love. We are all in it together."

The Dancing With the Stars alum released her Getting Good EP earlier this month, while she puts the finishing touches on her full-length album. She also sold out her first headlining That Girl Was Me Tour before returning to opening act status for Shelton.

"I can't even believe I'm typing this," Alaina said one day before the tour began. "I have been an opener for ten years. I've been able to open up for my heroes and artists that I respect more than I can say, and I am taking everything all of them have taught me to start my first headlining tour. I can't believe the first show of my first ever headlining tour is sold out."


No word yet when Ballerini will return to the stage. Updates will be posted on her website as available.

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