LANCO's Brandon Lancaster and Wife Tiffany Expecting First Child

A LANCO baby is on the way! The band's frontman, Brandon Lancaster, and his wife Tiffany are [...]

A LANCO baby is on the way! The band's frontman, Brandon Lancaster, and his wife Tiffany are expecting their first child, sharing their happy news with PEOPLE. "It really is crazy, 'cause I've had big anticipation," Lancaster said. "I've played really big shows — I've played Madison Square Garden, I've played Red Rocks. I've had these incredible experiences, but I can honestly say I don't know if I've ever had anticipation and excitement for something as much as I've had for that day when [my daughter is] actually here."

"So that's been a really crazy emotion, to think that all these different things in my life that I've anticipated, I haven't really anticipated anything more than this. It's actually been really cool and grounding," he added. The couple's baby girl is expected in September, and they had their "first clue" Tiffany might be pregnant around Christmas when the scent of candles her husband bought her made her feel uneasy. Tiffany confirmed the news to Brandon when she told him she had another Christmas gift to give him, which turned out to be a positive pregnancy test.

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"Something was wrong, 'cause she was being really quiet," Brandon recalled. "She mentioned offhand, 'I actually have another Christmas gift for you. It's on the counter.' And I was watching The Office and kind of wasn't paying attention. She asked two more times, 'Um, are you gonna open this Christmas gift?' And I was like, 'Oh, yeah.' And I opened it up and it was a pregnancy test that said positive. That's why she was being quiet — because she knew she was just gonna spill the beans if I didn't open the gift!"

The couple is now readying a nursery in their East Nashville home for their daughter, and Lancaster said he's "so excited" to be a dad. He added that he's "taking it one day at a time" and is looking forward to "seeing the different ways" his daughter "takes after both of" her parents. Brandon also reflected on Tiffany being pregnant amid the coronavirus pandemic, explaining that he thinks it's made them "step back and realize what's really important in life." "I think it's actually laying a cool foundation for the kind of parents we want to be — realizing that, at the end of the day, you have each other," he added. "You have your family. And that's the most important thing."