Keith Urban Wants to Be a 'Tumbleweed' in New Song

Keith Urban has continued to roll out music from his upcoming album, The Speed of Now Part 1, sharing his new song "Tumbleweed" on Friday. The upbeat offering is a plucky love song to someone Urban dubs "Miss Tumbleweed," who makes him want to join in on her "gypsy ways." Written by James McNair, Jaren Johnston and Neil Mason and produced by Urban and Johnston, the song features lots of guitar and driving percussion, the perfect complements to its on-the-road feel.

"Hey miss tumbleweed, I believe / two tumbleweeds is better than one / everybody needs a buddy when they're on the run," the chorus reads. "Hey miss tumbleweed, let's ride the breeze / town to town just kickin' up dust / make a little trouble, might make a little love." The song is one of several Urban has already released from his upcoming album, which will arrive on Sept. 18. The project features multiple collaborators including Breland, guitarist Nile Rodgers, Pink and Eric Church.

Breland and Rogers will join Urban on the album's opener, "Out the Cage," while Pink will duet with the Australian star on "One Too Many." Church co-wrote Urban's 2019 single "We Were," and two versions of the song will appear on The Speed of Now Part 1; Urban's solo cut and a version with Church. Earlier this year Urban released current single "God Whispered Your Name" and has since shared "Polaroid," "Superman" and "Change Your Mind."

"In October 2019, this title came to me," Urban shared in a video announcing the album. "I liked it because I felt like life was flying by so fast, faster and faster all the time. But music has always been the place where it slows down and doesn't even exist. I would never have imagined that, in 2020, this album title would take on a whole new meaning and yet somehow still feel so incredibly relevant."

See The Speed of Now Part 1's full track listing below.


1. "Out the Cage (ft. Breland & Nile Rodgers)"
2. "One Too Many (duet with Pink)"
3. "Live With"
4. "Superman"
5. "Change Your Mind"
6. "Forever"
7. "Say Something"
8. "Soul Food"
9. "Ain't it Like a Woman"
10. "With You"
11. "Tumbleweed"
12. "God Whispered Your Name"
13. "Polaroid"
14. "Better Than I Am"
15. "We Were"
16. "We Were (ft. Eric Church)"