Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman Sing Together for International Day of the Girl

Keith Urban celebrated International Day of the Girl on Thursday, Oct. 11, sharing a video of [...]

Keith Urban celebrated International Day of the Girl on Thursday, Oct. 11, sharing a video of himself singing his song "Female" alongside wife Nicole Kidman, who actually sings backing vocals on the studio version of the track.

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In honor of International Day Of The Girl - filmed by Sunday and Faith! - KU

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The short clip sees the couple at the piano, with Urban playing as Kidman joins him for the chorus of the empowering song, which Urban released last year.

In his caption, Urban shared that the two teamed up in honor of International Day of the Girl and that the sweet video was filmed by the couple's daughters, Sunday and Faith.

"Female" was written by Nicolle Galyon, Shane McAnally and Ross Copperman, and produced by Urban, Copperman and Dann Huff. Speaking to Universal Music Group Nashville after the track's release, Urban explained the story behind having two Nics on the song.

"Well, Nicolle Galyon, who's one of the writers on the song, she did the part originally and you hear her on the record," Urban said, noting that when he heard the demo, he immediately knew Galyon had to be on the finished track.

"But when I was working at my studio at the house, Nic was home … my Nic was home, and I went upstairs and said 'Would you come down and sing these parts as well? 'Cause it'd be great to have on this record. Of all songs this is the right one to have you on,'" he continued. "So, she came down and sang along with Nicolle Galyon. So, there's Nic and Nic on the track"

"Female" tackles topics like victim shaming, gender roles and the power of women, and Urban told The Boot that he was drawn to the track from the moment he heard it.

"It just hit me, as a father of young girls; my girls are around seven and nine years old. As a father and also a husband, I recorded it for my wife as well as my daughters, and also for my mom and for all the women in my life," he explained.

The thing about that song is that it was so much more than what it very quickly got labeled as," the 50-year-old added. "It was a bigger, broader, more all-encompassing prayer of a song. Yes, it dealt with sexual harassment, and that is specific to two lines in the second verse. Yes, that part of the song addresses that. But the rest of the song is a prayer. It's a song of hope, and of what we want for our girls and for all women. It was so important for me to have that message out there, and that's why I wanted to record the song."

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