Watch Keith Urban's Live Performance From His House While Coronavirus Outbreak Continues

While the coronavirus outbreak continues, requiring people to stay inside their homes, Keith Urban once again decided to perform a free concert from his house for his fans. The New Zealand-born star hosted one, dubbed Urban Underground, in his home one week ago, deciding to do a second one on Monday, again, this time from his studio.

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"Hi everybody. We are back for round two of what we're calling Urban Underground. "We're actually at our home studios," the singer said as his wife, Nicole Kidman, joined him.

"I want to start first out by thanking everybody, all the healthcare workers," he continued. "We want to dedicate this performance to all of you, all of you first responders out there, all the families of all of you, the friends who are supporting you at this time. We are right here with you, and we thank you from the bottom of our heart, all our family thanks you for everything that you are sacrificing and doing right now. So this show today is dedicated to all of you. We're going to try to bring a little sunshine into your screens."

Urban then ran through several of his songs, including "Never Comin' Down," "You Gonna Fly," "Somewhere in My Car," a cover of Kenny Rogers' "The Gambler," "God Whispered Your Name" and "Wasted Time."

It's fitting that Urban performed "The Gambler," since he earlier posted about Rogers' death, and the influence the country music legend had on music.

Urban's current single is "God Whispered Your Name," and one of the most important songs he has ever released.

"'God Whispered Your Name' absolutely spoke to me and tells my journey in such a profound way," he continued. "Going through a season in life of being very lost and lonely and confused and not knowing a how to get out of that, and then the chorus hits — 'God Whispered Your Name' and everything starts to open up and become clear.


"And that second verse when it said, 'I can feel the sunshine for the first time in a while,' again, it just went right to the core of me," he continued. "And (it was) the most extraordinary song, and I just knew right then and there I had to get into the studio and record it."

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