Watch Keith Urban Go Behind the Scenes With 'Never Comin' Down' Video

Keith Urban and director Carter Smith are taking fans behind the scenes with the making of his latest video, "Never Comin' Down." The song is from his latest Graffiti U album.

"I wanted something that didn't feel like a club was normally here, like this was sort of a pop-up, outlaw club," Smith says of the video, which was shot in Brooklyn. "Where this cast of misfits sort of shows up and comes together for this one song, one night, but they don't normally live here all the time."

The underlying message of "Never Comin' Down," which Urban wrote with Josh Kerr, James Abrahart and Shy Carter, was conveyed through the video exactly how Urban hoped.

"I know when we wrote this song, it felt like total liberation," Urban says of "Never Comin' Down." "Just be who you are, whatever that is. Be comfortable in your own skin, and find other people that are comfortable in their own skin, and that will be the one thing you have in common."

"That's what happened in casting," Smith adds. "People who came in were just happy to be themselves, and they were the strongest version of whatever that was – those are the ones who ended up in the video."

There might be plenty of dancing in the video for "Never Comin' Down," but according to Urban, he has two left feet.

"I'm dancing terribly in the video," says the singer. "As soon as I got my guitar, I felt way better. I'm like Linus with his security blanket."

The Aussie is proud to be part of something that is so eclectic and empowering.

"Those three guys were mixing up some sort of various cocktail environment, figuratively and literally upstairs, and there was just such a great thing happening up there," Urban recounts of penning the tune. "I had this drum beat that I had carried around for a bit, and I presented that, and we started building on that. It really started with a tribal rhythmic feel."

Much like with his previous single, the No. 1 "Coming Home," Urban hopes fans can relate to the message in "Never Comin' Down."

"I hope that people can find their own personal connection to the stories, and how the songs make them feel," Urban tells Rolling Stone Country. "Graffiti U is such personal expression, that I hope that the album makes someone feel inspired to be personally expressive in whatever they do in their own life. If the music does that, it's a beautiful thing."


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Photo Credit: Getty images/Michael Tran