Kane Brown's Partnership With Lowe's to Give Back to His Hometown 'Feels So Full Circle' (Exclusive)

Before becoming one of country music's fastest-rising stars, Kane Brown grew up in Chattanooga, [...]

Before becoming one of country music's fastest-rising stars, Kane Brown grew up in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where he was raised by his single mom. The pair moved frequently and lived in their car and with grandparents and other friends who would take them in, and Brown is now giving back to his hometown to help others who are struggling with housing insecurity. The singer is partnering with Lowe's on its 100 Hometowns initiative, which is aiming to restore communities that have fallen on hard times by completing 100 impact projects this year as part of a $10 million commitment.

"I was really excited about partnering with Lowe's for their 100 Hometowns campaign and excited to go back to my hometown in Chattanooga," Brown told PopCulture.com in an email, sharing that he used to work at the Lowe's in Hixton, Tennessee. "It just feels so full circle to partner with Lowe's and be able to give back to my local community and revitalize the Boys & Girls Club through the Lowe's 100 Hometowns project," added the 27-year-old, who has long been active with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

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(Photo: Lowe’s Companies, Inc)

"I loved being able to be a part of this project," he continued. "Just going into the Lowe's I used to work at to get supplies to bring to the B&G Club was amazing. When I got to the B&GC we walked through the space and discussed what needed to be done. They are going to paint and tile and knock down a few walls and make it as nice as possible for the kids. It will be amazing to see what it looks like when we are done fixing, repairing, painting and tiling."

During his time working at Lowe's, Brown recalled "always singing and humming in the aisles," which prompted his co-workers encouraged him to sign up for his high school talent show. He ended up winning the competition, which may have helped contribute to his current career. "It sort of helped start the music career in a way because that was the first time I ever sang in front of a group," he explained. "I sang a Chris Young song for the talent show, which is crazy that him and I now have a song called 'Famous Friends' talking about the people from our hometowns. If I had never worked at Lowe's and if I never had the coworkers encourage me to sign up for the talent show, who knows…."