Kane Brown Gives His Mother Generous Gifts to 'Help Her Out'

Kane Brown was raised by just his mother, Tabatha Brown, after his father went to prison in 1996. [...]

Kane Brown was raised by just his mother, Tabatha Brown, after his father went to prison in 1996. Although the pair definitely had their hard times, even living out of a car for a while, the 25-year-old has often praised his mother's resiliency and tenacity.

So when Tabatha recently found herself experiencing another setback, Brown quickly swept in to help.

"My mom's going through some things right now, and I'm trying to help her out," Brown revealed on the Ty, Kelly and Chuck Show. "My family goes through depression. I did buy her a car for her birthday a year ago, or two years ago. But something else I did, she's been living in my Pop, which is her dad's basement. She just moved into the basement, and she's been really depressed. So I called her, and I was like, 'Mom, I want to take care of you, so go pick out an apartment, whichever apartment you want.' So she got an apartment."

"I just went ahead, I paid the apartment for the full year, so she ain't gotta worry about it," he continued. "I paid her insurance for a full year, and then I put her on my payroll for a full year. She doesn't like her job. I was like, 'I want you to go out, find you a job.' She's getting paid enough for a month that she doesn't need a job, plus her rent and everything is paid for ... Find something that makes you happy and do it. I want my old mom back. So hopefully that gets her on the right track."

Brown will soon release his sophomore Experiment album, which includes the Top 5 hit, "Lose It," and his current single, "Weekend." Although Brown is proud of his next set of tunes, he is also aware that he will have to work much harder than his peers to have success.

"[It's] the race card," Brown conceded to Billboard. "Right now, [my race] does matter. People always say, 'There are plenty of black country artists out there! There is Charley Pride! Darius Rucker!' That's all they can name. They don't understand what we go through, and a lot of people who are fans of traditional country music, as they call it, look at us and aren't going to say, 'Y'all like country music.'"

Experiment will be out on Nov. 9. Pre-order at KaneBrownMusic.com.

Photo Credit: Getty images/ Kevin Winter