Newlywed Jordan Davis Looks Forward to Creating New Holiday Traditions With His Wife

Jordan Davis had a big year in 2017, but the country singer is just as excited to kick back and spend time with his family this holiday season.

Davis married his wife, Kristen, earlier this year, and he shared that the two are looking forward to starting new traditions together.

“This will be my first Christmas with my wife, you know, married. I know we’ve talked about a couple of things that we want to start doing,” Davis told UMG Nashville. “This one is a little more exciting just because we have a blank sheet so we get to start our traditions now. Just kind of spending time with family is something I don’t ever want to get away from, so we’ll start with that, but I’m anxious to see the traditions we come up with.”

He also listed a few holiday favorites of his own, revealing that his favorite Christmas movie is the ultimate classic, It's a Wonderful Life.

“The one Christmas movie I have to watch, which Elf has slowly taken over that spot, but I would have to say It’s a Wonderful Life," he said. "Then moving to Nashville, they play it at a theater here in town, and it’s something that I really look forward to going and seeing that movie. Man, it’s just a great movie.”

As for his favorite Christmas song, the singer named Nat King Cole's "Buon Natale."

"Nat King Cole is Christmas to me, always playing, always having some type of Christmas music on," Davis shared. "I remember growing up, my mom, she would start on Thanksgiving. We would start listening to Christmas music and anytime you’d walk into the house if Mom was home, there was Christmas music playing. It was just background music, and it’s something I’ve carried over like there’s Christmas music that is played all the time. If we’re home, there’s Christmas music on."


Davis made an impact on country radio this year with his debut offering, "Singles You Up," which is currently climbing the country charts.

Photo Credit: Twitter / @JordanCWDavis