John Berry Diagnosed With Malignant Tumor on Tonsils

John Berry has been diagnosed with a malignant tumor on both of his tonsils. The singer shared the heartbreaking news on social media.

"We started off this year with just a little bit of a hiccup, and we want to tell you a little bit about that," Berry, who was joined by his wife, Robin said, after stating how much he enjoyed meeting fans on his Christmas tour last year. "Back in November, when the tour was just getting cranked up, I had a little catch in my throat. Felt exactly like the skin of a Spanish peanut was stuck in my throat."

"I couldn't get rid of it," he continued, "so finally, I got a flashlight and I looked down my throat, and my tonsils were really swollen. I went to see my nurse practitioner, and they put me on a round of steroids and antibiotics. It just never really did seem to improve."

Berry and his wife went on to say they continued several other rounds of medicine, before Robin encouraged Berry to see an ENT, where they learned that Berry had two tumors in his tonsils, which he promptly had removed.

"They did a biopsy, sent it off, and we just got a report that it is cancer," Robin shared. "You don't see fear on these faces. We have a planned regimen, and John is undergoing treatment for about five weeks. We've had to move a couple tour dates around. All is going well. We're just trusting God to get us through this time. It's not fun. It's not something you look forward to at the beginning of your year, but it couldn't have happened at a better time."

Although the diagnosis seems scary, Berry is full of optimism about his future.

"This particular form of cancer is highly treatable, and has an incredible cure rate," said the singer.

Berry rose to prominence in the 90s, releasing more than a dozen albums, and charting several hit singles, including "Your Love Amazes Me" and "Standing on the Edge of Goodbye," among others. He just released "Beautifully Broken," the title track of a movie released last year.

Berry is scheduling tour stops in between his treatment. Find a list of all of his upcoming shows by visiting his website.

Fans who wish to reach out to Berry can email him at, or send cards to POB 353, Gallatin, Tenn. 37066.


Photo Credit: Getty images/Rick Diamond